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Jewelry repair, ring sizing, diamonds, cleaning, polishing, prong replacement or tipping, and more services available.

 Jewelry Repair 

We do sizing diamond replacement chain repairs ring cleaning, polishing rhodium plating, setting re-tips prongs, appraisals, watch batteries, link sizings.

Appraisals for insuring your jewelry


We use all the research tools we have at our disposal to determine an item’s value and get you the most money we can. This appraisal process for a pawn item varies depending on the type of item.

Need quick cash? We can loan you money in exchange for your jewelry, electronics, tools, and more


pawn is a collateral loan. You leave an item as collateral, we offer a loan amount, and you have 5 months and a 30 day grace period to re-pay your loan amount, with additional interest and fees, to recover your item.

Factory resets, data transfers, part replacements

 Computer Repair  

Computer Tweaking, Data Backup, Data Recovery, Data Transfer, E-Mail Setup, Firewall Setup and Repair, Hardware Installation, Hardware Replacement, LAN Networking, Mobile Broadband, New Computer Setup, Printer Setup, and more.

Get custom gold teeth, no appointments necessary, dozens of preset designs available

 Gold Teeth 

Jewelry in your mouth guarantees attention whenever you smile or speak. The ladies love staring at a guy with a sparkling grill, but gold teeth grillz aren’t only for men anymore. Celebrities like Kim Karadashian and Kendra from The Girls Next Door have their own iced out gold teeth grills.

Get the perfect engagement ring in any metal with any diamonds or gemstones you'd like. We traditional and modern designs. We also offer custom designs.

Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Shop our extensive collection of diamonds & engagement rings for the best prices on hundreds of diamond and ring styles!