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Gold Teeth Mold Kit

Gold Teeth Mold Kit

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This listing is just for the mold kit. You will be invoiced separately once we finalize your design.

10k 14k
$55 per tooth $75 per tooth

This is for customers who don't live close enough to us but still want to experience our high quality custom gold grills. Once you order a mold kit, we will ship one to you with an included return label. Inside the box will be everything you need to mold yourself twice just in case a mistake is made as well as everything needed to ship it back to us. We will also include a custom design sheet in case you want to create your own unique style.

When you place the order, please make sure you select the molds you'll need. The molds are not interchangeable and we will only ship what you selected.

Once your mold returns to us, we will review the design to confirm details and send you an invoice for your order. When the invoice is paid, we will get started on creating your custom gold grill and ship it back to you. All in all, the manufacturing and shipping process will take approximately 7-10 business days.